SFL Regional Conference
הכנס הבינלאומי של סטודנטים למען חירות

מרכז הכנסים של הבורסה לניירות ערך, Tel Aviv Israel
26 אוקטובר, 2017

על הכנס


Nothing could be easier than spotting the libertarian in an online discussion. They’ll be the one doubting the existence of every possible social issue. Whether we’re dealing with feminism, racism, economic gaps between various sectors in Israeli society – they will relentlessly drive you up the wall until you throw in the towel and leave the discussion altogether. Though it’s difficult to see the forest for the trolls, in this October we’re willing to prove to you that libertarianism is not only the correct way, but also the morally proper way.

In our panel concerning feminism, you’ll find that the speakers agree that gender related injustice is a problem that bedevils Israel. In our panel concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, you’ll find that both the left and the right can find their place without the libertarian prism. In our panel concerning the war on drugs, we’ll attempt to examine the ways in which prohibition harms all citizens, both those who do and do not use illegal drugs.

But wait, there’s more! Some of the movement’s renowned speakers will be delivering world-class talks: Jeffrey Tucker, Steven Horwitz, Sara Skwire, and many others. While catching a break from talks and panels, you’d have the chance to gather around round tables and argue (you are, after all, libertarians), having your views challenged by people who are just as politically involved as you are. If you’re a libertarian, you’ve got nothing to lose. You’d have plenty of other chances to discuss which Austrian thinker trumps them all. If the mere mention of the term “libertarianism” makes you severely uncomfortable, then we couldn’t be more excited to meet you. Beer’s on us.

Registration fee is 6 EUR.

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